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The Essene Bible - A Sacred Book Unique in the World

Through 1158 messages from the Archangels and hundreds of prayers and invocations, discover the universal wisdom of the tradition of Light, priceless and grandiose keys to approach the divine world and live with your soul in everyday life!

A living mystery

The history of the appearance of the Essene Bible is a great mystery.
God is alive, he has always spoken to humanity through the sons of God, the prophets, his envoys.
He speaks today through the psalms of the Archangels in a language that is accessible and adapted for our time.

A food for the soul

While browsing the site, you will discover many excerpts from the Essene Bible, psalms offered as well as prayers of devotion, healing and communion with the higher worlds, which will nourish your heart and soul in the light.

Sharing the divine knowledge

The Essene Bible is a grandiose compendium of wisdom, in it are found all the universal laws.

The purpose of this website is to share profound and clear articles on the Essene teaching and thus propose a reading of all the terms that you can find in the Essene Bible.

A tool for transformation and awakening

In the Essene Bible, you will discover how to live with the laws of God.

Through a complete training that we offer you, you can access the knowledge of the divine laws, but also keys to pray, invoke and live with the superior worlds.

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Finding the keys to freedom

Choosing awakening The teachings of the Essene tradition lead people to awaken.

Finding the keys to freedom

If you look at the Essene Bible, if a word, an image, a force attracts you to this

Why become an Essene?

In a tormented world, faced with adversity and aggression from the outside world, man seeks protection. Whether he

Living consciously with your Guardian Angel

Who has not been amazed by a rainbow? Who has not been touched by the harmony of a

The 7 doors of the mysteries

The Essene Bible is a tool for awakening and inner evolution

The Essene Bible is the embodiment of the word of God for our time, as were the Torah, the Judeo-Christian Bible through the Old and New Testaments, the Koran,...

That is why it is also called the "New Beginning Bible".

Find the answers to all your questions!


The Essene Bible is an oracle that you can use to ask for a clarification, an orientation, an answer to a life situation that concerns you, to a question that questions you, ....

You will also find in it great keys to reading the world and an enlightened vision on many subjects through numerous themes at the same time esoteric, mystical and practical.

-The visible and invisible worlds, subtle and celestial spiritual worlds, the angelic, archangelic and divine kingdoms, Lucifer, Satan, demons, hell, darkness, or the Holy Spirit, all the Angels, the Guardian Angels, the Angels and Archangels, the tradition of the Light, the Apocalypse, ...-

May all the souls who are awakening find in this sacred book, the spiritual food necessary for their evolution, in the steps of their glorious ancestors, in the steps of all the great saints of humanity that were all the envoys of God, Moses, Jesus, the Virgin Mary, Mohammed,...

The Essene Bible sheds light on life

Here you will find articles on all the topics covered in the Essene Bible


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About the Essene Bible


The Essene Bible is a founding book of the contemporary Essene tradition. It is a new revelation of the divine world that has always spoken through time.

The 1158 messages that make up the Essene Bible were offered by the 4 Archangels between the years 2003 and 2016. These 4 Archangels are Archangel Michael, Archangel Raphael, Archangel Gabriel and Archangel Ouriel. (Called Saint Michael or Archangel Michael, Saint Raphael, Archangel Uriel in other traditions)

These are the 4 faces of God on earth, the 4 great messengers of the divine who constitute his throne and transmit his word of eternity and goodness to the present humanity.

It is time for humanity to open its eyes and find its original source.

Today, all sincere beings who aspire to goodness are called to unite around this new manifestation of God: The Essene Nation.


This Bible is not just any book. It is a journey to the land of the Archangels and a blessing. The Bible is a wonderful case for the words of Light of the four Archangels and the greatest treasure that shines in my house. If I were to go to an island, alone, this would be the only book I would take with me.

Georgia Ouverture

Whenever I want to ask something, the answer comes clearly, when the answer is not clear, it's because I have something to define
Or to deepen...
A living guide for each day, a path to follow in the knowledge of oneself and the cosmos, a work of wisdom, a treasure of Light for our present and for future generations...
Happy the people who have the chance to have it in their own language...

Elena Tendresse

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