February 3, 2022

In a tormented world, faced with adversity and aggression from the outside world, man seeks protection. Whether he is a believer or not, it is often in times of trial that he turns to God, to a divine world, and seeks a blessing, a relief, a strength to get through the difficulties of life.

Who has not already, consciously or unconsciously, in an open way or by living it from the inside, in the hidden, looked for an answer by turning to a superior force; has not wondered if there was a guardian angel for him to support him, to protect him and to accompany him throughout the torments of his life?

Beyond the hierarchy of heavenly angels

Many writings and theories exist about the world of Angels. These celestial creatures have been named in many ways and presented as belonging to a whole divine hierarchy: Superior Angels, Intermediate Angels, Guardian Angels, Cherubim, Seraphim, Thrones, Virtues, Powers, messengers of God... Man can get lost in all this celestial hierarchy which leads him to an unreal, distant, inaccessible world, remaining in his imagination, his mind. He can make representations of these superior beings, imagine his guardian Angel, look for which one would be connected to his existence... In this nebula, man moves away from reality and from his capacity to live daily with the blessing of an Angel, that is to say with a higher vibration in his life, his thought, his acts and his works.

Rise to the man-age 

The Essene tradition brings you its view and a real science on the world of Angels which is close to man, accessible, linked to an awakening of consciousness, to a capacity to transform oneself, to a know-how.

Whether he is called Guardian Angel, Cherub, Seraphim or Protector Angel..., an Angel is above all a vibration that comes from a superior world and to which man can only approach by transforming himself internally, by being animated by a real and deep aspiration to harmonize with the subtle vibration of the Angel, to become himself a man-Angel on earth.

The Angels are his real beings who live on another plane. It is up to man to rise up to the Angel and not to the Angel to come down to protect man, because very often the latter will make him fall into his world and thus put him in danger.

Nature shows us this impulse of elevation. It is the great open book of life that unites all the worlds and reveals the way to you. Who thinks that a tree can show him the way to the heavenly realms? Nature is however the great teacher, the one who contains all the worlds, from the most concrete to the most subtle, from the smallest to the most vast...

As an awakened intermediary between all these worlds, man is a condenser and also a being who can sublimate the energies to raise them. He must find, through the hieroglyphs of nature, his own path, the answers to his inner questions and the way that leads him to the divine, to the heavenly worlds. These angelic worlds, the Angels and Archangels are linked to him in a concrete, real, organic way, but he must find the way to manifest them through his being.

Those whom men call "Guardian Angels" are immaterial and immortal beings, unchangeable, who live and work in subtle worlds, in the ethers. These are different worlds from the physical. They cannot associate with men who act in the earthly life stream, because they stand on another plane of vibration.

If you want to associate with the Guardian Angel in consciousness, you have to awaken the energy of sublimation, the vegetal force that is rooted in the earth and that leads it into a higher world, a higher dimension, a higher reality.

Guardian Angels are protectors of God's will and also beings that connect all parts of the world together. They are beings of communication and prayer.

If you have an aspiration to reach him, to offer yourself to him, to give him a body through your life, the Angel will seek to create relationships, exchanges to make the realities of the spirit, the intelligence, the sense, the soul appear. You will then have to be open and receptive to what a higher intelligence wants to transmit to your consciousness. These will never be unreal things, disconnected from your life. If you manage to raise yourself to him through inner work, a guardian angel will speak to you about yourself, about what you need to heal, liberate, transform, and accomplish in your daily life. He will ask you to set yourself in motion, to be active and creative, and not just to pray to him and wait for his Light to descend on you like a protective veil.

You must create the protective veil by raising your own vibrations to those of the Angel, by purifying your thoughts, your looks, your words, by acting in a more awakened way, by developing a discernment, a subtlety in your life, your relationships, your exchanges at all levels.

An Angel will appear in what happens between you and another person, he will see to it that God's will is honored so that the relationship is just. If you want to meet the Angel, focus on the intention. The Angel lives in the intention you put into the act you do for another or for yourself.

An Angel is real in your life if you act in harmony with it. For the Essene tradition, an Angel is a gentle vibration, like the caress of a light wind, that brings beauty, art, nobility, into your life. If you say hello to someone furtively, out of habit, without looking them in the eye, without putting a clear intention in your look, in your word, you are only a man and you only make the mortal live in you and in the other. If your "hello" is full of soul, of depth, if through your word and your look you greet the divinity in the other, you project the blessings of the divine world, you make the immortal live, you manifest an Angel, you go towards the man-Angel on earth.

It is this way of acting, awake, conscious, that naturally brings you the blessing and protection of an Angel. You must give him a land, a way to manifest himself. You must not only wish and pray for peace, love, wisdom, but make the smallest daily act an act of love, of peace, an act that transforms a difficulty into wisdom... Thus the Angel is attracted. The more you will make appear in the ethers around you noble feelings, high thoughts, high aspirations, pure and clear intentions, real acts filled with gentleness, intelligence, respect, goodness..., the more you will attract on you the blessing and the protection of the world of the Angels, because you will be simply in vibratory affinity with their world.

To become aware of the exchanges and to awaken in the intention that animates them, is to approach the Angels and the worlds of magic. The Angel stands in the intention of the exchanges, but know that in this intention can also live a dark, devious and negative influence. In the intention live subtle worlds, some of which are benevolent, positive, others malevolent, bewitching, destructive.

You must awaken pure, impersonal intention and strengthen it in your life. The Angel is the good intention, the one that is connected to the will of God and to the universal order. It is the nature of your intention that will determine the worlds that will approach you and associate with you.

If you constantly awaken the intention, if you make it evident, precise, clear, present, if you nourish it, renew it consciously, the Angel will become strong in your life, he will appear and speak to you directly.

The blessing of carrying an Angel in the Round of Archangels

In order to approach the vibration of an Angel and to be able to attract it into your life, you must be aware that you cannot remain isolated, outside the life current of a tradition, of sacred symbols and living scriptures, enlivened by the presence of an authentic master or a college of initiated priests in alliance with the divine world. You must place yourself in a certain framework, a structure, a particular atmosphere that brings protection, blessing and capacity for concrete action.

The Essene Nation is an organ, a body, a structure to contain the vibrations of a divine higher world. It stands in alliance with this world, for it is an emanation of its will. Through it, a door opens to the world of the Angels.

In our present world, governed by dark forces, the Round of Archangels is one of the organs of the Essene Nation that offers a man, a woman, to enter a sacred frame, to draw a boundary and to disassociate themselves from certain bewitching influences in order to harmonize with the angelic vibrations and to place within and around them scriptures revealed by the divine world.

When an Essene enters the Round of Archangels, constituted on earth by the beings who have sealed the covenant with the Angel of God, he receives the covenant with an Angel, the consecration to the priesthood and the seal of the Light. This seal shows that he belongs to the Light and not to the darkness. He then makes contact with his soul and with the body of the Light.

From then on, the forces that have been feeding his life with thoughts, feelings and often unconscious gestures begin to give way to another world because they understand the language of the Light. Before awakening, man is generally unaware of these worlds that inhabit him, surround him, animate him and make him move.

By practicing the Round of the Archangels and by standing in the circle of luminous influences, an angelic world meets these dark forces, these influences, these intelligences that inhabit man. A dialogue is established and they understand that they are no longer the ones who must direct man's life. They then let the soul of man regain control over his life and the subtle bodies can be gradually released.

Entering the Round of Archangels through union with an angelic vibration is a high protection, but the Essene must remain awake and active to preserve it.

An Essene must consciously support and honor the intelligence of the Round of Archangels, enliven it, make it grow. There must be no doubt in him, no shadow, for this is a weakness that allows the dark to enter and destroy the work of the Light.

Through the Round of the Archangels, the Angels speak to all the beings that inhabit man, making it clear to them that they must let the Essene walk towards the Light without hindrance.

Living daily with your Guardian Angel

God created the minerals, plants and animals so that a memory would exist before man appeared on earth. God knew that man would be captured by the illusion of being God himself and that he would be driven to live in abstract and psychological spiritual worlds that would dematerialize him and make him lose his memory. Thus, the school of the earth was generated before man to protect and lead him.

The guardian angel likes man to be settled, clear, studying the wisdom of the Mother, because he will be able to work in association with him to diminish what is dark in him, to remove it and to lead man on the path of the great alliance with the divine world. To do this, he will lead man to work with certain virtues that open the door to higher worlds of eternity.

Just as the tree must take root before it can rise, so must man be grounded, calm, with well-built bodies of earth, water, air and fire, free from the influence of the world of men and deceptive appearance. The Guardian Angel can then come into contact with a man until he lives with him.

The Essene learns to reconstitute his 4 bodies and to refine his subtle and magical perceptions through his 5 senses with the living nature, in the framework of an initiatory work. This is the path of the Essene initiations, a concrete path that is unavoidable before being able to appear in the world of the Angels, to be seen and recognized by the superior worlds.

The Guardian Angel is a superior world that is also hidden in the 5 senses of man. Behind the senses there are magical, spiritual worlds, ethers. You have to build bodies and rebuild all your organs: learn to walk again, to look, to listen...

Honoring the gifts of the Angels

The Essene tradition tells you that a gift in life is always connected to a higher world. If it is not connected to a divine world, you do not exist. You think you are living for yourself, but in reality you are living for someone else, whom you do not see and who is using you. There is only the magic of the creative act and the training to recover your life and your destiny.

The Angel teaches you that if you want wisdom, you must have the organ of wisdom. If you don't have the body of wisdom to receive it, it can't be transmitted to you.

You must magnetize yourself to attract to you what you desire to become. The more you are able to polarize your body to match what you want to achieve, the faster your accomplishments will be. A guardian angel will guide you to elevate yourself, to transform yourself, to form subtle bodies within you. He leads you towards this sublimation through your creative capacities, your strengths, in connection with the reality of your daily life.

If you are a man on earth, you live in a body, you must use this tool and the conditions of your life as a man and root yourself deeply in the pure essence that you carry, then rise up by remaining concentrated in your trunk, that is to say concentrated on your ideal. Your heart must not let itself be dispersed by a multitude of influences, but if you want to rise up to the Angel, to hear the call and the guidance of your Guardian Angel, you must remain centered on your deepest aspiration and thus blossom, until you give fruit. The fruits that man can offer are noble acts in the service of the divine world, pure and elevated thoughts, harmonious and balanced feelings. They become an offering for the world of Angels who will come to gather this nectar, just as the bee or the hummingbird, light and airy, come to gather the flower.

The world of the Angels vibrates at another frequency, but it is not by dreaming about it that you can reach it, but by making your body and your life a receptacle, a pure container, a well adjusted instrument that will allow this frequency to come and touch the earth through you. This is the way to establish contact, the link, the communication with your guardian angel, through a creative act, a concrete reality, an inner sublimation.

The more you train, the more active you become, the more you know how to master the vibrations that animate you and the more you manage to transform yourself and to realize works in your life. The less you practice, the more you let yourself live, the more you will become passive. If you do things without knowing why, you are not really doing them because the one who told you to do them has done them through you. On the other hand, if you do things out of love, out of conviction, because it is in your deepest being and you set in motion your higher centers of intelligence, you create a body for God on earth and the Guardian Angel can come to live in your life as an orientation, a guidance, a light, a choice, an impulse, an intuition.

God, the Archangels, the Solar Angel, the Lunar Angel and man

If you still want to know the hierarchies and understand some fundamental differences within the angelic world, the Essene tradition essentially teaches you that there is a world further away from man, and therefore closer to the Father, that of the Solar Angels, and there is a world linked to the virtues that can come closer to man, that of the Lunar Angels.

The teaching transmitted to the Essene Nation by the superior worlds explains these differences and tells you about a certain cosmogony...

Originally, the Father of the worlds gave his religion to the Gods as the source of all benefits. He asked the Gods to honor the unique religion of the living God. This religion was passed on to the Archangels and Solar Angels, who are immortal.

The Gods are creation.

The Archangels are perennity, stability. The world of eternal laws, of structures of Light, belongs to the Archangels. They are an axis, a pillar, a fixity, an eternity.

The Angels are the agents of evolution.

The Angels are double. A part of them is fixed, stable, united to the kingdom of the Archangels: it is the solar Angel.

The other part is more fluid, connected to the breathing of the Mother through the earth: it is the Lunar Angel.

When we talk about the earth, it includes stones, plants, animals and people.

Men transmit, they are the intermediaries.

The Solar Angels have transmitted the unique religion to the Lunar Angels, the Guardian Angels of men.

Men have received the religion of God through the Sons of God.

In the history of mankind, some men eager for power and domination awakened dark forces and turned away from the pure and original religion of the one God. They created false gods, which are called "egregores", and gave themselves to a destructive, tempting and usurping world, which is called "the serpent" in the Essene tradition.

What animates the earth is the serpent. It is he who ascends through the kingdoms of the earth to free himself through man or to be enslaved to darkness through the fall of man. This serpent entered the subtle bodies of man and enslaved him by creating the world of man. He made man in his own image: selfish, greedy, avaricious, mortal, ephemeral, weak, ignorant, liar and usurper.

He created the religions of the world of men. Then, this being made humanity fall below religion by politics, then by culture, education, justice, social and economy, enslaving more and more men to the world of stupidity, slavery and death.

The Lunar Angels, guardians of the virtues, have tried to protect mankind by maintaining the values of the one religion in all religions, but this destructive current of life, making man believe that he is only a body and keeping him in purely physical and material needs, which is also called the usurping serpent, has taken over religions to distort them, to put them at the service of his creation and to make them weak. He pushed men to hate the false religions created by him and to turn away from them in order to lead them even more into nothingness.

The Solar Angels, Archangels and Gods turned away from man possessed and inhabited by this destructive current. It was then that animals, plants and the earth were enslaved and driven into slavery.

Originally, the subtle bodies of man belonged to the Lunar Angel. The current of the serpent was to be confined within the body. If the usurping serpent enters the body of man, it conquers the subtle bodies until it seizes his destiny, his soul and his immortality. If he enters the subtle bodies of man to control them through fear, ignorance, unconsciousness, lies and all counter-virtues, the Guardian Angel loses control of man and can no longer protect him through the religion of God. Man then comes under the authority of the religion of the serpent and he will turn away from all forms of religion to give himself to stupidity, to bestiality. Behind the world of man stands bestiality. Behind the beautiful words, it is bestiality that always ends up appearing and profaning the religion of God.

The Guardian Angels educate man in the virtues given by God: truth, purity, freedom, wisdom, science, intelligence, love, goodness...

The energy of the usurping serpent takes these virtues to distort them, profane them, defile them.

For man to unite with the Angel, he must be educated, initiated, trained. Then the serpent, and through it the earth, can find a path to wisdom and liberation.

The Lunar Angels are linked to the evolution of man, because they live around him. If man does not develop virtue, they become weak in his life and unconsciousness and counter-virtues take over.

Consciousness is the treasure of Angels and men. This consciousness brings a transformation, an ennoblement, an elevation, a sublimation. The Angel will lead the energy towards beauty, growth, richness through the transformation by the awareness and education of man. A liberating awareness is always a sign of the presence of an Angel.

Solar Angels exist by themselves and are not linked to destiny and therefore to man's choices. They have their source in the purity of the sun. It is up to man to approach these immortal Angels and to develop in himself the body of virtues in order to liberate the forces enslaved by the darkness.

The Solar Angels are pure, divine vibrations that descend from the primordial source to sanctify the Angels of the virtues, to bless them and fill them with strength and intelligence.

The Angels of virtue live in the subtle worlds, but they evolve or not according to the quality of the consciousness and mastery developed by men. The more a man is connected to the solar principle, the stronger the virtues become, the more they become alive and active in the life of men, the earth and the worlds.

The purpose, the mission of the Virtue Angels is to protect the divine in man and that is why they have been called the Guardian Angels, the protectors, the guides. The more a man awakens in a good education, the stronger the Angel becomes and can lead him to the Solar Angel and a higher consciousness.

When a man succeeds in realizing in his life a body with a virtue, this one acquires the power to transmit a seed to another man so that the work continues. This is how, through time, some men have become guardians of the tradition of the Children of Angels, the Essenes.

Keys to a living connection with your Guardian Angel

If you get in touch with your Guardian Angel, if you rise, through initiations, to a real link, an alliance with the pure vibration of an Angel, you will be on a path of integral transformation with no possibility of going back.

The tree does not return to its roots, it can only rise, until it offers through the flower a subtle and delicate perfume... until it gives a fruit that will become a seed so that new flowers and new fruits appear one day from itself, from its own seed, from its own transformation.

Nothing must stop your elevation, always your glance must turn to the highest, tend towards the sun until you overcome your limits and the identification with your mortal self.

The Angel awakens consciousness and brings forth a life greater than the earthly form and death, which extinguishes life. Through the living ethers, man becomes aware of exchanges and realizes that he is not an isolated letter of a dead alphabet, but that he is part of a whole, of a living and intelligent organism much larger than his physical body.

Then man no longer belongs to himself, it is no longer the mortal current of his ephemeral self that governs, but he begins to connect with a higher consciousness and a wider environment. He understands that his actions have a value, that he must be responsible, that he has a word to say and must take care of nobility, dignity, what is precious. He will no longer be able to descend into low vibrations and will have to honor the virtues of the Angels through his conscious, awakened life, dedicated to a higher world.

The path to the Guardian Angel is one of awakening, perseverance, self-work, transformation, discipline, creativity and action. It is not by reading a book, meditating or even praying fervently, and even less by being isolated from the tradition of Light that you will contact your Guardian Angel. You may believe that you are doing so, but you will only be in a spiritual world filled with illusions.

It is by uniting yourself to a great body standing in alliance with the divine superior worlds through structures and a whole concrete organization such as the Archangels' Round, the study centers, the Essene Villages, a training path and an initiatory framework..., that you will find the strength to rise to the alliance with an Angel and to seal with him a real, pure and living link to ennoble your life and the world.

The Guardian Angel is above all a protector of the Divinity in man. It is not man in his mortal body that he protects, but God in man whom he wants to protect and preserve as a divine spark, a memory, a sacred potential. For this he guides him to manifest in his life what comes from the divine world, to live with the angelic virtues, to rise above the coarseness to refine his perceptions, his thoughts, his states of mind, his feelings and to transform this higher consciousness into concrete acts that touch the Mother, touch the stone and thus can lead all beings in elevation and healing.

Do not ask the Guardian Angel to protect you to preserve your body, your mortal life, but ask him to help you to raise your vibrations to harmonize with his frequency, to be his servant. With the guardian Angel of the divine in you, be the instrument of a superior world which will make appear on the earth, where you have been sent on mission, a Light, a strength, a beauty, an intelligence which give to God a concrete reality to lead humanity and all the kingdoms of the Mother towards an elevation, an ennoblement.

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