January 26, 2022

Who has not been amazed by a rainbow? Who has not been touched by the harmony of a melody?

Have you ever wondered why the 7 days of the week, why the 7 notes of music, the 7 colors of the prism, the 7 planets, why 7 steps in some sacred temples, why the 7 kingdoms of creation, the 7 chakras... Have you ever felt a flash of light going through your whole being through your 7 energy centers like a deep joy?

The 7 manifests itself everywhere, in all eras, in the writings of heaven and earth, through the body of man, architecture, symbols, religions, it appears in a great number of cultures... All these writings are hieroglyphs, magical languages, secrets of the Gods who want to awaken man and make him vibrate through the 7, the memory of his soul, his eternal being and the universal dimension of his life

There is an intelligence, a sacred science that governs the universe, the world, our destinies, our lives. Everything is science, everything is magic, everything is precision and perfection, everything is part of a higher intelligence. The 7 is a being, a living force, an intelligence, a memory, a path.... At the heart of the great mysteries of life, man often thinks that his intelligence is the highest, but multiple forms of intelligence are manifested in creation. The 7 is a universal form, higher than that of man.

The form of intelligence that man possesses is a gift that has been entrusted to him by a superior world so that he can become an active and creative being, at the heart of this great cosmic intelligence, and in harmony with it. Man is an instrument of the Gods who has been given a body, gifts and abilities to bring forth light, blessing, healing, ennoblement, according to a sacred and precise science whose 7 reveals great secrets.

What does this universal law of 7 teach us? Through all its expressions and manifestations, the writing of the 7 shows us that everything is linked in an immense cosmic web within which innumerable threads are woven uniting the consciousnesses, the experiences, the souls, the components of the universe in subtle vibrations in resonance with one another. The great knowledge of the Gods is distilled through multiple forms, expressions and manifestations of life, all of which carry within them the seed of this §high universal intelligence that unites all beings and orchestrates the whole in an immense universal symphony. The 7 is at the heart of this great universal web.

Within this symphony based on 7 fundamental vibrations, man is a microcosm of the macro cosmos, he is the writing of the Gods.

What he seeks to understand, what he looks at, what makes his heart, his soul, his conscience vibrate, are only mirrors of what he is deeply, of his true being. It is always himself that he seeks through what calls his eye, the sounds that touch him, the words that awaken him, the beings that inspire him, the force that guides him to walk on this or that path, the relationships and the links that he weaves, it is always to himself that the writings and the sciences of the universe reveal him.

The 7 Gates of Self-Transformation

The 7 is omnipresent in the creation as a sacred hieroglyph, as 7 doors of the divine mysteries which can awaken and guide the man. The 7 is at the heart of man's evolution and transformation, of his life path and his destiny, which is inscribed in each step he takes.

The resonance of the 7 within you opens a door in your consciousness, triggers an awakening and shows you an inner path to follow.

The Essene tradition tells you that you must take 7 steps in your life, 7 stages of 7 years in order to build yourself in all the levels of your being in harmony with the cosmic intelligence. Each step has a particular influence that animates the human being in the making and shapes his feelings, his aspirations, his actions.

The planets, like the constellations, inspire, guide and animate the human being throughout his life along 7 stages, 7 doors of the mysteries, so that he puts his step on the earth in resonance with his soul. If he does not listen to these fundamental influences, his life enters into disharmony, imbalance, leading him into frustration, anger and suffering.

In the universe, a path has been traced for man in 7 fundamental steps. This ideal path is the one he should follow by living each of them fully under the corresponding influences. This is how the 7 resonates in his being because it speaks to him of himself. In the Essene vision of the world, man's existence in harmony with the cosmic laws should thus be articulated around 7 key periods which correspond to the evolution desired by the soul. 7 days, 7 stages of life, 7 worlds to be discovered in order to form a body of Light and immortality which will allow man to keep intact the divine memory that he will have accumulated in his present incarnation. This body is created during the 7 steps of the life of the one who awakens the 7 subtle bodies in him.

If man finds the conditions and the strength to advance in this structure, he can be carried by the natural current of flowering, by the Mother. He can then harmonize with the powerful magical forces of the river of life.

These 7 inevitable passages are also 7 transformations which reveal that a man is in perpetual becoming and that nothing is fixed in life. In the vision of the Essene tradition, each period of life is a preparation for the next cycle. But much more than a simple preparation, it is the gestation of the next cycle.

Just as a child, at birth, leaves behind the old body necessary for conception (the placenta) in order to enter fully into its body of flesh, each period of life is similar to a placenta forming the individual and preparing it to enter the next stage.

Each of these 7 stages is under a particular planetary influence. For the Essenes, these are invisible beings who approach man at each period of his life and tell him how to live on earth.

From 0 to 7 years old,
the incarnation of the soul in the body

At the beginning of its life on earth, the child forms a body of life. He begins to do this in his mother's womb, and continues until the age of 7. During this period, he is exuberant, full of energy; his whole being is in development, in construction. From an esoteric point of view, the soul enters the sphere of "evil", that is to say in the incarnation, and then it learns to evolve in this universe.
Until the age of 7, it is very important to let the child play, to explore its physical possibilities, to run, to jump, to discover nature, to laugh... It is overflowing with life, but does not have the knowledge. He is in a world of magic, of enchantment, he perceives the subtle worlds, he lives in animism and overflows with imagination. Before the age of 7, it is also during this period that the body of religion is formed in him, the capacity to approach the sacred. If this is not done at this time, it will be very difficult for him to do it later. The parents have a great responsibility towards the child. They must, before the age of 7, transmit to him the fundamental values which will be able to guide and inspire his soul on the path: the feelings of the sacred, of religiosity, of the universality and the greatness of life.

From 7 to 14 years, the will,
under the influence of the Moon

At the age of 7, the child's body of life and energy awakens under the astrological influence of the Moon. The child gradually detaches himself from the fusion with his parents and begins to have his own desires, to understand that he can act on his environment, that he has a certain power over things and beings. He develops his personality and forges his will from his experiences, from what he discovers by himself as a source of joy, of vitality. He transforms himself, he loses his teeth, leaves a part of himself to build himself with his own forces and thus awakens his body of will.

At the same time, he begins to forge a body of feelings that will prepare him for the next stage, that of adolescence.

From 14 to 21 years, feelings,
under the influence of Venus

At the age of 14, it is the forces of the heart that are awakened under the influence of Venus. Creative energy enters the center of feelings, senses, states of mind. At this age, desires appear, a different view on life, powerful feelings. The being discovers love, emotions are amplified and overwhelm him. He discovers everything that touches the heart: love, sexuality... The teenager suffocates in his breathing, he would like to explode in a communion with the whole universe. He lives love stories, flirtations, romances... He also starts to develop his capacity of reflection.

From the age of 14 and during 7 years, he must form in him a body of feeling which will allow him to be composed in his relationships in his adult life. If these 7 years of intense changes are not lived fully, they cannot be lived later.

From 21 to 28 years old, the thought,
under the influence of Mercury

At the age of 21, under the influence of Mercury, it was the true awakening of his thoughts. During the next 7 years of his life, a new depth is revealed in him. This is the age when he begins to think philosophically, to develop his thoughts, to ask questions and to form opinions about everything. Thought is the splendor in man's life, it can open the gates of paradise. It allows one to enter into that which is beyond birth and death. Man begins to elaborate thought structures on which he can rely to move forward. This journey intensifies until the age of 28.

From 28 to 35 years, the consciousness,
under the influence of the Sun

At the age of 28, and during a new cycle of 7 years, man must individualize himself and find by himself the animating forces of his life and unite with the inner sun. He has to awaken in himself the land of consciousness. The awakened thought becomes conscious and the subtle worlds appear. Consciousness then becomes the foundation of the life of the individualized man. This is the seven-year stage when he must really write his destiny in consciousness. This age is of capital importance. It corresponds to the central pillar of the menorah or the mast of the boat of life (this word comes from the Egyptian Maat, the truth). He must then hoist the sails of his destiny and meet the sun of his true being.

From 35 to 42 years old, the destiny,
under the influence of Mars

At 35, the man must become the conscious and active creator to realize in the matter what seems to him to be right. He must give form to a work which unites his imagination, his feelings, his thought, his will, the intelligence which inspires his life, his creative force.

It is at the age of 35, under the influence of the planet Mars, that the fulfillment of himself begins, for a new cycle of 7 years. He can begin to say, "What I accomplish, what I do, is really me." These are the first steps towards true responsibility. It is at this point that a human being reveals himself, that we can know who he is. At this age, he really settles down and takes his life in his hands. He detaches himself from the past, from his inheritance and starts to make what he has received bear fruit. He becomes a creator, a builder, a being acting for the common good. It is the center of the destiny that develops.

From 42 to 49 years, the soul,
under the influence of Jupiter

At the age of 42, Jupiter entered his sky of influence. Man must have developed the vision of the soul and live with it. Man's eyes awaken, he has succeeded in reaching higher powers. This is the highest a man can reach on earth. He approaches the temple square and prepares to meet that which will determine his entire future.

The number 42 is found in the Egyptian symbol of the weighing of souls, in which 42 deities were represented. For the initiates, these represented the entire wisdom of the world of man. They referred to the forces that drive the individual to exist as walking dust, animated by ephemeral dreams, only to return to dust.

In the Book of Revelation, the Master St. John says that the temple court is 42 cubits long, which demonstrates the universality of this law and its recognition in all traditions. The Egyptians who went through the path of initiation presented themselves before these 42 deities, named them, and made a sort of inverted confession. They would say, for example, "I have not defrauded", "I have not stolen", "I have not taken what is not mine", which means: "I have not taken this body, these thoughts, these feelings, this will, as my own property, to serve my own interests. I came into the world as a ray of Light, to fulfill my Father's will alone."

At 49 years old, the mind,
under the influence of Saturn

At the age of 49, the 7 fundamental stages of his life are completed. The man can enter the temple. He is under the influence of the planet Saturn. At the age of 50, it is Pentecost, which is 50 days after Easter or 50 years after birth. It is the sacred appointment where the Spirit descends and where man must create his new body, his body of Light. He will have to weave it more and more until the end of his earthly life.

During this passage, at the end of this seventh and final stage, if the individual has already spent all his strength on personal objectives that have no interest for the divine worlds, he no longer has the strength to go through the door and build his new body. He is empty and has nothing left. Instead of living an ascension, the end of these 7 times 7 years cycles, his life becomes a decay.

For the consecrated Egyptians, man's journey through life was accomplished with the sole purpose of entering the temple of life. This temple is in man. It is man himself. It also appears in the way he looks at his environment. Before this door of the temple, the individual should know his true name, the name of his soul. If he does not have his true name, if he does not know who he is, nor who lives in him in each of his organs, how can he enter the temple in a right way? Who will let him enter? If he enters the temple which is deep within him, in the mystery, in the hidden, the pilgrim of life can pray with the whole universe, for there is the place of truth. However, in order to enter the sanctuary of truth, man himself must embody the truth. He must be true, authentic.

Only the one who is alive meets life.

If a human being lives the seven stages of his life in wisdom, truth and purity, at the moment of the great passage, he will enter the temple of the Light. If on the other hand, he prefers to live for the robe of death that are the appearances, and to turn away from all these virtues, he will meet suffering. At the end of these 7-year cycles, he will be chained to the illusion, to the great fear, to the great doubt, and will see dissolving all that he has identified with during his incarnation. He will not have nourished life, the body of Light, and will find himself totally deprived to continue his path.

The 7, the secret language of the soul

This magical writing of the 7, which can be found in many manifestations, is a secret language of the soul which speaks to man about his structure, his being, his path and his becoming.

We are not taught in schools that we must pass through these seven stages of life, developing at each step an additional strength, a subtle body which will constitute at the end of our life the capital of Light allowing us to pass on the other bank, to cross the veil of death and to be able to pursue our destiny.

At each of these 7 stages of life, opposite influences come to disturb the human being and he does not have the means to develop in harmony with the cosmic intelligences linked to this magic of the number 7 and thus to awaken little by little his bodies of will, feeling, thought, conscience, soul and spirit.

In our societies, entirely shaped by interests contrary to the development of man, his infancy, his childhood, his adolescence are stolen from him to serve a world of which he is not aware. Instead of letting him explore the natural world around him in complete freedom, developing his own strength of will through his experiences, giving him the space to open his heart, to make the world of feelings blossom in him and to live relationships in all serenity, he is bombarded with obligations, rules, duties, information that take him away from himself, make him lose his strength and his identity, his capacity to develop harmoniously.

These 7 steps, which are not well taken, will develop in him illnesses, identity crises, desires which are out of step with the right flow of life. This is how a majority of human beings remain blocked at the stage of 14 years and adolescence. They remain in the sphere of feelings and emotions, not having been able to develop their own thinking properly, nor to touch their inner sun, to raise the mast of their life and then to become conscious and awakened creators from their own source, from their true and individualized being.

Man will rather be led to forge a life in adequacy with the needs that the external world will have suggested and imposed to him, walking in the unconsciousness of the influences which animate him.

The 7 shows you the inner way

The 7 shows you the inner path, in resonance with all the worlds and laws of the universe. Of course, the 7 reveals great secrets and many others have spoken about it, in several traditions and religions, in the world of spirituality and science. The Essene wisdom contains in it all the knowledge of the worlds... Here the veil is lifted only on a part of the great mysteries of the 7, which is omnipresent in the structures of life.

Everything that is shown and revealed to you through the visible forms outside of you is also inscribed inside of you. The 7 shows you, among other things, these 7 perfect stages of man's life on earth, the path that you must follow in consciousness to prepare yourself for the passage of death by having built a well-constituted body of Light inside your body.

If men awaken to this science of the 7 which speaks to them of their life and their journey on earth in 7 great stages of construction of their being, if this science is meditated and deepened, this path will one day be truly opened. Some will step on it and walk it in consciousness, thus offering to future generations a path, a map of the journey that includes 7 steps, 7 colors, in resonance with 7 stars, with a beginning, a middle and an end, which itself is the beginning of 7 other steps that will have to be taken in the afterlife...

May the magic of the 7 touch minds, hearts, consciences, souls, and awaken man to the great mysteries of his own life, his mission and his incarnation on earth.

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