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February 13, 2022

If you look at the Essene Bible, if a word, an image, a force attracts you to this divine mystery, it is because you carry within you a certain scripture, a memory, an aspiration to find a lost path, a will buried deep in your cells to unite with a sacred world, to serve the Light, to accomplish the mission of your soul.

Everything is done in our contemporary world to make us lose our memory. Not only the memory of our earthly life, of our identity, of our experiences, of our loved ones, and this appears more and more through diseases like Alzheimer's or certain mental sufferings...

But beyond these appearances, a world wants to make humanity lose the memory of its divine origin, of its deep identity, of its sacred link with the divine world. This dark intelligence puts everything in place so that man cuts the link with his own source and with the living nature, which is the access path to this superior world. It cuts all links and leads him into an artificial, false, illusory world disconnected from reality, no longer able to breathe with the universal.

Losing this memory, man identifies himself with his body, his needs, his desires, his work, his nationality... he lets himself be carried away by a current that takes him away from his source... He forgets little by little that he is a soul, a much greater being passing through the earth to accomplish a very particular mission, to renew sacred links, to embellish, to ennoble, to bless, to sanctify...

An Essene is above all a being who comes to earth to revive in man this memory of his divine origin, of this sacred link with a superior world, to live with his soul, to open a door, a path of liberation and to give back to the beings around him this possibility to live with their soul. If he is an Essene today, it is because from life to life, he has already worked not to lose this memory, to activate a link with the Light, to put on the earth a divine writing under the guidance of a superior intelligence which allows the balance of the worlds.

Are we born or do we become Essenes?

Are you born an Essene or do you become one? Yes and Yes... Yes, you are born Essene in a certain way because if you are attracted by the Essene Bible, by the teaching of the Tradition, by certain values, images, words, symbols transmitted today through the Essene Nation, it is because you carry within you this divine memory, a subtle organ that you preserve from life to life which allows the encounter, the awakening, the impulse to put your step on another path, the blessing, the guidance in your aspiration to the Highest.

Yes, you become one, for one becomes truly Essene through commitment, fidelity, work on oneself and determination to serve the Light. It takes endurance and courage, like our ancestors the Cathars who lived the "endura", the ordeal of spending long periods of time in caves, in total deprivation, in order to show that serving a higher world was their true aspiration and that they were ready to renounce everything for that.

Today, being an Essene is not as demanding as it was in the past, and does not require you to live an ascetic's life as in the days of ancient Egypt or the Cathars. In those times, men had to go through very high initiations and hard trials to prove their loyalty to the divine world. Being an Essene today does not prevent you from living a happy life on earth, in abundance, surrounded by those you love, but to become one, you will have to walk a mountain path... You will only become a true Essene through commitment, the will to transform yourself, the renunciation of what you are not, perseverance, fidelity to what you believe to be true, to your true nature and to your deepest aspirations.

To become an Essene is above all to want to reconnect with a certain state of being, to become a true man on earth again, to find nobility and dignity.

The Essene Bible speaks to you of this inner state, in Psalm 45 of the Archangel Gabriel:

Are we born Essenes?

"It is not because you work on yourself and apply in your life the sacred and eternal rules of the school of God that you are an Essene. Of course, discipline is indispensable and the application of the commandments of the holy law of the Father is fundamental, but being an Essene is above all a state of being of man. In an ancient language, "Essene" means "human being", "man thought and wanted by God".

The true man is an Essene. In this state of being, mind and body are united and nourished by the divine world. He who is impregnated by the Light can give birth to it.

The Essene state of being is an inner shift to a sacred place where man is honored by the whole universe as Son of God, Daughter of the Light, Mother of Worlds.

The Essene state of being is one where man stands before his Father and Mother, all his subtle bodies regenerated, to accomplish a work of Light

Form yourselves and become true Essenes, that is to say, the Light on earth, the hope for your animal, vegetable and mineral brothers and sisters, your human friends and above all, for the glory of the Masters and the divine world.

You who seek the Light, do not delay, do not wait until you have the ideal conditions to get involved in the Archangels' Round and in the Essene Nation, because man's life is limited in time, and time is something precious for man. Do not wait for the hypothetical opportune moment, but take your life into your own hands today."

An Essene is above all a being who carries within him this original memory of a sacred world and this deep aspiration to serve it. He has already, from life to life, worked for the Light. It is possible that memories of ancient Egypt, of the Buddhist tradition, of the Essenes of Palestine who surrounded Jesus, of the brotherhood of the Rose+Croix, of the Templars, of the Cathars, of animist tribes... or that ancient sacred texts such as the Tora, the Tao Te King, the Emerald Table, the image of Moses, Mary, Mary Magdalene or Saint John vibrate in his cells... Certain symbols such as Celtic crosses, 5-pointed stars, the menorah, the annealed cross, can speak to him from within...

The Archangel Raphael, in his Psalm 153 of the Essene Bible, Realize the divine writing which is in you teaches us:

"Each creature has a specific scripture and you yourselves are scriptures in the universal order and in the space of creation with the subtle worlds. It is essential that you know what is the writing that is placed upon you, what are the symbols and magical seals that animate your being before the intelligences that populate the visible and invisible worlds."

In his psalm 146 Remember who you are, the Archangel Gabriel speaks to us of a great mystery:

"Every man carries a sacred word of the Name of God and his purpose is to pronounce it in a just and living way. This word has the power to resurrect life, to open the way of resurrection for a multitude of beings imprisoned in darkness.

All the beings who have worked in other lives and are now returning to the Essene Nation carry a sacred word, a virtue, a world that must be expressed and realized. All these words together will form the new scripture that must sanctify and vivify the great Name of the Father and Mother, the Tradition, the home and family of the Gods.

It is my wish that each Essene will step forward into the mystery, find his or her place in the great family of the Children of the Light and the divine tradition, regain his or her memory, reclaim his or her bodies and be able to speak the great word of God which must bring Light to the world. Thus, the work will be accomplished."

If you carry a memory, you will have to reactivate it and set yourself in motion. The symbols, seals or writings that awaken in you are signs from your soul, a call to continue the path, to take a step forward. It is a first step, but know that it will not be enough. In truth, even if you carry within you a memory, certain subtle organs, divine writings that guide you towards the Light and its contemporary manifestation which is the Essene Nation, you will have to take a second and then a third step... you are entering a path of transformation and service to a higher world, you will be tested, tried and tested, you will have to show what world you truly want to serve.

Why become an Essene?

Why become an Essene today? Is it because this word attracts you, because you need to belong, to identify yourself with a community, because you are looking for protection, because this word is fashionable? Know that if these are the motivations that animate you, you have potential but you will not become a true Essene. In truth, an Essene is committed to impersonality, to inner transformation, to shedding what he believes to be himself and to offering himself as an instrument of a higher world to accomplish a work of which he does not know the ultimate outcome... A true Essene is a being who comes to earth to heal, to ennoble, to liberate and to bring balance. He knows that he is only passing through but that his mission is precious and he is ready to make certain sacrifices, to commit himself to serve a higher world for a work whose dimension is totally beyond his grasp.

Do you feel this call to become an Essene deep inside you? If so, listen to that little voice inside you and take a step forward... Even if you know that you are entering a path of transformation, of challenges and of certain sacrifices, do it with confidence and happiness because if you are guided by a divine superior world, this world will test you, will shake you up a little, but at the same time it will protect you and will bring you a greater joy than that of the pleasures of life turned only towards your personal aspirations. By giving yourself to something greater than yourself, you can taste fulfillment, true happiness, fullness, a great and beautiful life.

The Archangel Gabriel tells us again:

"Do not hesitate, enter today the Essene study circles to train, to learn and to be educated in wisdom. Enter and commit yourself to this noble path of study, devotion, ritual and work in order to find who you are beyond appearances and to manifest it in life, to embody it. Enter into conscious learning, go beyond yourself, be reborn to yourself and to the world, enter the path of awakening and the unknown and learn to do what you do not know.

Don't be afraid to do wrong what you don't know. Don't be afraid to feel incapable, move forward without fear and without shadow. Find the tradition that will allow you to be reborn, find the Father, the Mother, the family, the home and do not be afraid of the unknown, because if you have a Father and a Mother, you will be protected and welcomed.

It is fundamental to engage in that which awakens universal resonance and life.

Be active, conquering, wise, pure, because the world will only be created with beings who move, who are not afraid to undertake, to conquer, who roll up their sleeves and do concrete works.

Do not waste your time in the ephemeral, for it will take you lifetimes and lifetimes to accomplish the work if you let the moment pass when the door is open and everything is possible. Not only must you fulfill your life in fullness, but you must also help others. This is the way of love.

Be aware that if a people rise up to speak of the universal light and give it a body of truth, then you must be part of that plan, of that project. In this way you will recover your memory and allow many others to enter the sacred path where they can act carrying the word of God for which they have committed themselves to come to earth, to take a body, to work on themselves, to develop so that they can deposit in the body of the Mother the seed that gives life to all the evolving worlds."

 Activate a memory and bring balance to the world

Becoming an Essene today is above all a path of balance. The Essenes are a people within all peoples, beings who through time and ages come to revive the memory of the divine world, to lay down in stone the sacred writings and symbols that keep this memory alive and reactivate it within beings. They bring a possibility of choice in front of the dark influences that animate the world and humanity.

If in ancient Egypt pyramids had not been built, if temples and stones had not been erected, if writings had not been engraved in stone, if powerful symbols had not been activated, mankind would no longer have access to this memory of a sacred world, of its divine origin, it would have lost this consciousness of the divinity of existence. Man would no longer remember his true place, his mission, his nobility, he would no longer have the sense of eternity inside him...

Today the stakes are high for humanity and the memory of its divine origin is fundamental to preserve. Slyly, through everything that deteriorates the brain and the human body: electronic waves, virtual worlds, chemical products, intensive electricity, genetic manipulations, poisoned food, drugs, imposed vaccines, saturation of electromagnetic fields, water and air pollution... man is led towards degeneration, the loss of his vital forces, of his capacities of awakening and discernment, of his freedom, of his conscience, of his memory, of his divinity.

To be an Essene today is to enter into a higher consciousness and to embark on a noble path to regenerate the forces of Light, to generate a field of life, to radiate high vibrations, angelic influences. It is to preserve a greatness, the possibility of a dignified future, to offer an ultimate freedom to humanity, to all the kingdoms of creation, all the beings of nature.

You do not become an Essene to have faith in something, an identity, a religion, a "label" and then do anything with your life. An Essene cannot not embody a high ideal, not set himself in motion, not become a conscious, active and awake creator. An Essene is a missioned soul, a seed carrying a divine memory and coming to take root in the earth to grow, to blossom, to bear fruit, to be transmitted and thus to allow a superior world to continue to live on the earth, to be able to bless humanity and all beings with its presence.

It is up to man to put himself at the service of protecting, blessing and ennobling the stone, the river, the animal, the forest, the child who comes as a soul to accomplish his mission... To become an Essene is to want to protect, to heal, to liberate beings, while remaining detached, serene, trusting, pure, impersonal... It is a whole path of awakening and transformation

To be an Essene in today's world is also to know how to seize the exceptional opportunity that a door of light is open, in alliance with the divine world, through organs and a whole concrete structure placed on the earth allowing this alliance to be kept alive and for man to integrate himself, to step into it, to work on it by bringing his strengths, his skills, his creativity.

Being an Essene, a miracle

To be an Essene is a mystery, a divine magic, a miracle... It is a miracle today because the greatest miracle does not come from the supernatural, but from the awakening of consciousness, from the inner transformation and commitment to a superior world, at a time when man abdicates his powers, his autonomy, his creative force, his divine nature, his nobility, his royalty.

If the Essene Bible touches you, if the Essene Nation attracts you, if the Essene symbols speak to your soul, then perform this miracle, rekindle in you this little flame, this inner fire, this aspiration to serve what is great, noble and sacred. Listen to your soul, don't be afraid to take a step forward, be fearless, become what you are.

Archangel Michael, in his psalms 30, 31 and 33 of the Essene Bible shares with you these words:

"The beauty for man is to listen to the divine world, to capture its wishes, its will and to unite with it in purity in order to use its creative power to realize a work on earth.

To be on a path of light is the most beautiful thing that can happen to man on earth.

"Happiness for man is to know a life greater than that of his single earthly and mortal body, a life that expands and allows him to taste the reality of his soul which shows him that he is part of a whole, a hierarchy that unites all beings, from the unfathomable heights of heaven to the depths of the earth."

"Unite yourself with the Most High and be in courage and fearlessness to implement the most beautiful thought you believe in. Be active and implement what you would like to see on earth."

"Respect your Mother, the earth. Bring her the loving, caring relationship, the gentleness of soul, the knowing look, the communion and put on her body the flower of respect.

To the divine world, offer your most beautiful thoughts, your noblest feelings, your integrity, your purity of intention and above all the honesty and reality of what you are in all simplicity, deep inside.

In the world of man, do not do to others what you would not want done to you. Be vigilant, strong, stable, persevering, clear; thus, you will be able to realize, to walk on the path, which will become clearer as your steps progress. But know that you will do more than walk on your own path: you will take with you all the beings of nature, who are waiting for man to finally become the sun of the earth.

Don't become an Essene to belong to a spiritual current, to believe in something, to adhere to a philosophy, to identify yourself in front of others, to hope to receive protection while remaining in a form of passivity, inaction, without wanting to transform yourself.

Become Essene because you carry this seed of Light inside you, this potential, this divine writing, because one day, a word, a being, a song, a text, an image, a symbol, a lived experience speaks to you and reminds you of your sacred mission, your belonging to a tradition.

Be an Essene and really become one because you want to transform yourself, to heal, to act for what you believe to be right and true, to become the conscious instrument of a higher world to which your soul belongs from all eternity.

A being becomes a true Essene because he is conscious of committing himself to protect the mountain, the bird, the flower, the ocean, the earth, the air, the fire, the angels, the gods... A sun shines inside him. He recognizes it and wants to act to honor this light, to be one of those who work in impersonality for a greater world, because he knows that through his commitment, a path of liberation is opening for all beings and future generations.

You become an Essene because you simply recognize who you are, you fulfill your mission without trying to convert others or even trying to transform the world. The Essene loves to share the teachings of a higher world as the baker loves to share his bread, or the gardener his harvest. Each being is free to nourish himself from the source that seems best for him.

The Essene offers the richness of Essene wisdom to all beings, so that the greatest number can have access to it, so that the Light spreads on earth from one being to another; but always in offering, in the great respect of the path of each one, of the various beliefs and destinies... He seeks above all to be himself in harmony with what he carries within him, offering a light like a lighthouse in the night, to whoever wants to see it shine...

An Essene trusts in the intelligence of a superior world, he knows that everything is wisdom, that everything has a reason to be, that each one goes through his own trials and will find his own fulfillment. They seek the truth beyond appearances and serve a noble cause out of love and devotion, leaving those they meet free to walk their own path.

Essenes are not smarter, more worthy, or superior to other human beings. They are simply doing what they came to earth to do, recognizing their being and their mission. At every major turning point in history, they come to balance the forces at work and open a door to the Light when a completely different path is being traced for humanity, leading it into degradation, submission, slavery.

It is clear today that humanity is in decline, in full decay, in loss of values and deep identity. The human being will want to deny it, refuse to see it, accept what is imposed on him rather than recognize his own nothingness... But obviously, a world dictatorship is taking place little by little, animated by dark forces that are no longer hidden. These intelligences want man to abdicate his being, to lose his strength, his integrity, his divinity, his conscience, his soul, and become an instrument at their mercy.

In the midst of this degeneration, an Essene knows who he is, he remains upright, faithful to his soul, chooses his path, commits himself, takes concrete action for the common good, builds another world in conscience... He comes to balance, to maintain a Light in the heart of darkness for the future of the earth and of humanity.

The Essene goes towards the rising sun

To be Essene is to go towards the rising sun, to regenerate and purify oneself, to be one with the water, the earth, the trees, the wind, the stars... It is to know how to say Yes and No, to revive in all beings the continuity of consciousness, the memory of their divine origin. To be Essene is to offer to future generations a Light, a solid foundation, an earth to anchor oneself to, a sky that inspires, protects and guides, an open door to live in harmony with one's soul...

To be an Essene is to carry within you the seed of a new world and to do everything possible so that this seed takes root, grows, flowers and bears fruit.

You become what you are, what you do, what you bring into the world, you go towards what you carry within you... If the word Essene vibrates within you, be what you are, be the miracle, be the new sun that rises, be the new world, be the new humanity of Light.

"Look around you with new eyes: the world is constantly new, every moment rejuvenated and enlivened by the spirit. Carry the new within you. Accept to be constantly rejuvenated and you will leave the realm of the dead.*"

Olivier Manitara, The master's garden

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