March 11, 2022

Choosing awakening

The teachings of the Essene tradition lead people to awaken. The Essenes have always been called “the therapists”, those who heal and bring balance to the world. This healing potential can only manifest itself if a being is awake, aware of the different visible and invisible worlds and their functioning. The Essenes have also traditionally been called those who have the knowledge of good and evil and who have a special organ: that of discernment, of non-judgment. An Essene looks at the world as a scientist, as an observer, looking at the forces at work, trying to understand the origin of things and events, observing in the subtle the influences, the memories, the intelligences that animate men and peoples, lead humanity in a certain direction.

God looks at the world and sees that everything is good” is an Essene adage, an orientation, a guidance that allows one to refocus and not to let oneself go in a current that leads to decay, to perdition.

What you see outside of you always has an origin, a meaning, a reason for being. This needs to be studied, but the answers will always come in calm, with a calm attitude, an ability to stand back, a certain neutrality. In any situation, the Essene tradition tells you above all to rest on the Mother, to come back inside yourself, to find what for you, for your own life, has meaning, must guide you, orient you, put you in motion.

It is never in reactivity, in agitation, in calling upon forces contrary to the Light such as discontent, fear, tension, anger, that man will bring the right answers and solutions to what he lives, what he sees, to the events, to what a world agitates around him to make him sink, to fall into the meshes of its net.

The Essene is not so detached as to be indifferent to what is happening in the world. His heart is open and sensitive, but he knows not to be captured by influences that would lead him away from his own destiny, from his true inner freedom, which would not allow him to accomplish the mission for which he came to earth.

Faced with the pains of the world, the shrinking of freedoms, the weight of governments that crush in an authoritarian way, faced with sufferings and imbalances, the Essenes choose the path of calm, of neutrality, of wisdom. They choose to focus on the beautiful, the noble, the sacred. They offer another way to bring this balance, this breath of healing, this path of liberation so hoped for, wished for, prayed for by a great number of beings who are awakening today and are noticing how much the world in which they live is closing in, how much the vise is tightening, how much their freedom is being stolen..

Each one can see through the world that surrounds him, the events that affect him, the environment in which he is bathed, the situations that he lives, a matter for study, awakening, transformation and liberation… Within the unity of all beings and a common consciousness, there is a unique individual reality, in the heart of which is offered to each one all that is right and good for his own evolution and destiny.

The events that happen outside of you are worlds that will always lead you to reveal yourself to yourself from within. The most important thing in a man’s life is not so much the events and situations he will face, but above all his way of facing them, of reacting or acting, the forces he will set in motion, what will emanate from him as vibrations in the more subtle worlds that will capture him, perceive him and thus weave the threads of his destiny.

If he cultivates the dark, he will be taken by this world, if he cultivates calm and wisdom, he will be in a protection, and will open the doors of freedom.

Everything has a meaning, an origin, a destiny

What is revealed in the world today is the result of wills, influences, hidden forces, thoughts, projects implemented in the invisible, a knowledge, an intelligence, a knowledge of laws mastered by worlds of which the unawakened man has no awareness. Man is the instrument of these worlds and wakes up today to find that he is being manipulated, enslaved, while these same forces have been at work for thousands of years, while a certain plan is in progress.. By advancing slyly, with hushed steps, through suggestions, concepts, a sort of collective hypnosis, these forces have plunged humanity into a state of submission, passivity, slavery hidden under the brandished banners of freedom, human rights, security, technological, scientific and economic progress, even peace..

In the 70’s and 80’s, young people were already writing on the walls “no future”, sensing a dark future, a closed path, a dead end… Today, this tightening is confirmed, dictatorship appears in broad daylight, the manipulation of humanity by dark forces is revealed more and more. Man awakens, wants to escape from this destiny of confinement, he opposes it, revolts, manifests, writes, denounces… And falls into a trap set by these same forces that pull the strings of events and animate men in the hidden.

Man has been educated to look at everything that happens around him, to give his opinion on everything, and in reality this shackles him and weighs down his life, no longer allowing him to breathe with his soul, to concentrate on what he carries deep inside him, what he himself must live, transform, heal and accomplish. A devious world makes him fall into a trap cleverly set up that makes him look, feel, get emotionally involved, take actions linked to what he sees outside of him. Thus, whether he is for or against what he sees, by paying attention to it, he validates this world, gives it its energy, makes it grow, and finally the beneficiaries of his attention are the very ones he wants to oppose.

If you rebel, if you want to oppose, if you are in reaction, listen to the wisdom of Archangel Gabriel:

“Just because you oppose an influence with all your might does not mean that it is not the influence that animates and motivates you Understand: whether you are for or against it, you are with it from the moment your focus has been awakened by that influence. You have opened a door in your head, your heart, your will and now you are under influence. You are there, whether you act positively or negatively. You say yes or no, it doesn’t matter, because you are possessed in the same way. You give your vitality, your creative power for this collective mass that becomes stronger through you. You will gain nothing, absolutely nothing, and you will lose everything until you no longer know who you are, what you have to do, what you have to accomplish fundamentally, and with whom you want to live.”

Essene Bible, Gabriel, 270. 30-31

For an Essene, it is not a matter of rebelling, but of understanding, of trying to stand back, of asking about the Mother and then of setting himself in motion to give value to what he believes to be true, to build something else, to offer an alternative, another concrete, real world.

To awaken consciousness, the Archangel Gabriel also tells us these words in Psalm 92 of the Essene Bible:

“Many times, looking at the world, men say that it is imperfect, that beings are unconscious and that death has put its stamp on everything. This perception is true, but it is only a point of view that can justify the passivity of those who allow themselves to be invaded by the negative side

Where are the active Children of Light, acting by the power of the spirit world and showing by their works and lives the beauty and greatness of the other world?

Of course the majority of men are unconscious, but they cannot be otherwise if those who have awakened do nothing. If you do not want the world to remain a prisoner of death, you must not associate with the unconscious and put your life in their hands, but rather you must roll up your sleeves, unite with the awakened to build with them a different world

Know that it depends only on you that the world is different

Know that it depends only on you that the world is different.

Looking, listening, walking, talking, committing, associating are the first steps towards the awakening of consciousness. Then comes the elaboration of the body of consciousness, which can only be done within the Essene Nation, because it is by making the work alive that you become alive. Then you acquire the power of magic and you can act to transform the world, to move from one world to another, like the flower

Do not reject the world, do not consider it as inferior, imperfect, but as a foundation that must be ennobled and led, through a work, to a perfection. If you don’t have the courage to do it for yourself, do it for the victory of the Mother, who lives through Tradition, and who must continue to live for future generations, for the children, the grandchildren..

Man must not be content to watch and discuss, he must awaken and, like the seed, make appear the flower that he carries within him and that leads all imperfections to the fullness of beauty. Then he becomes what he is, the answer, the balm, the way, the healing, the goal, the creation of the world

If man is today imprisoned in imperfection, it is not the responsibility of the divine world, but that of the one who lives in man’s mind and inspires him, orients him, without him really noticing

Man feels deep down that something is not right, that something is not in harmony, but he does not manage to awaken and define it

I ask you, who have been blessed to approach the Essene Nation, to awaken to reality and become active in creating the body of the new flower that will light and perfume the world

Unite around the Essene Nation and become active in bringing forth the flower of life.”

It is not said that man should remain indifferent, but he should awaken, observe, lead everything to intelligence and wisdom. If he sees a dark world, it is up to him to set himself in motion, not to fight it, but to re-establish the balance within him and around him, to make a light appear, to bring a concrete, just, noble answer. He must rise up to build another world through other alliances and give his energy to what he believes to be true.

Man weaves alliances, he is linked to invisible worlds

If you think deep inside that you are French, Italian, Canadian, Greek, American … You are automatically connected to the memory, the governance, the sum of the acts that have been and are created by the country to which you say you belong. You carry in your inner earth, in the invisible, a writing, a magic seal, you are associated and connected to the egregore of France, Italy, Canada, Greece, the United States… If, in spite of your official nationality, you think deep inside that you are a soul, an Essene, and that you present yourself as such before the invisible worlds, another writing, another magic seal is placed on you.

The Essenes are a people of souls, reborn through the ages and generations, their presence on earth brings a force of liberation. They live in this world without identifying themselves with it, aware that they are only passing through. As their ancestor Jesus said: “I am not of this world…” (St. John’s Gospel, 8:23), their primary mission is to maintain a living link with the Light on earth, to preserve the memory of the soul, of the presence of a divine higher world. If they look at the outside world, it is to bring a blessing, a relief, to lead beings towards awakening, healing, ennoblement. Voluntarily, they extract themselves from this world of man, not to reject or condemn it, but to make another appear, as the Archangels, the Angels and the Mother have asked them to do.

Man is therefore linked to worlds, he weaves alliances, and everything he looks at, thinks, feels, says, are like invisible threads that link him to the destiny of those worlds he looks at, feels, speaks about, gives his opinion on. These alliances are alive, they hold him prisoner, they are like the threads of a spider’s web inside which he is locked up, a prisoner.

Archangel Michael teaches you:

“Know that every time you look at the world of man, pronouncing yourself and affirming that this or that is good or bad, you give it value, you allow it to enter into you to animate you, you constitute it a reality and you validate it.”

Essene Bible, Michael, 251: 22The Archangel Gabriel tells you in his 6th commandment: “You shall not look at what you should not look at lest you be possessed” It is not a question of entering into fear, but of remaining vigilant and paying attention only to what can nourish your inner life, awaken you, fill you with wonder, build you up, ennoble you, inspire you, lift you to higher spheres. It is not a question of disconnecting yourself from the earth and entering illusory spiritual worlds, quite the contrary. The keys to freedom lie in inner calm and close contact with living nature, the trees, the water, the sun, the wind, the mountains… Everything that is pure, noble, sacred and can guide you to your soul.

If you oppose the events you see outside, you do not rise to wisdom, you remain a slave of this world, whether you are for or against it.

Accept this great wisdom of the Archangel Gabriel:“Know that from the moment a man has given his endorsement, his interest to an idea, it belongs to him and he will have to bring the solution, the answer. Become aware of this wisdom and understand that very often the world is set up like a web to catch and chain you. You are constantly led to look at events, news, projects that are not part of your destiny and are useless for your evolution. But these worlds need your endorsement, your gaze, your feelings to exist and if, in addition, you invest yourself in giving them a concrete form through your words, you are bound

You think you are free, but know that once you have created a link with a thing or a being, it is very difficult to break it

If you create a link with subtle spheres, spirits will constantly come to direct your thoughts, your senses, your perceptions so that you always validate them and make the word and the action grow in accordance with the interest of these worlds. It is for this reason that the great sages of the past have said, “Do not look at what you should not look at, lest you be possessed.”

You must look only at what you can carry and transform in your life to lead it to God, that is, to perfection, wholeness and liberation

Every day you use your intelligence, your understanding, your senses, your organs, your body, and you must be aware and vigilant to detach yourself from that which is mortal to nourish that which is immortal

If you associate with the mortal, you create affinity bonds that will lead you to a certain work. I tell you clearly: what you call new technologies, such as television, radio, internet, news, current events, are a will set up to capture you and divert you from the essential and eternal nature that lives within you.”

Essene Bible, Gabriel, 224: 9-15

The world is as man and certain intelligences intended it to be

Very often, people complain that they do not live the destiny they want, that their life does not conform to their dreams, their expectations, their desires. They are really in ignorance and unconsciousness; they don’t understand that what they live was written in the past and that now they are writing the future. But who writes their life? Is it the intelligence of the animal world, the intelligence of the human world or the intelligence of the angelic world? They do not know, they have no criteria, no discernment, no wisdom, no body. They have no criteria, no discernment, no wisdom, no body. They cannot direct their life, orient it and write their destiny in conscience in purity and truth.

Essene Bible, Michael, 136:14

In the vision of the Essene tradition, observing the world and fighting it, opposing it, denouncing it, rebelling, is not an attitude that leads to liberation and wisdom. The free man is the one who remains himself, faithful to what he carries deep inside him and knows how to manifest it, how to give it a body, how to remain upright and honest without being diverted from his own path, without validating what does not belong to his destiny.

Every form that appears, every reality that takes on a body already has an existence in the invisible worlds. Thus the present world is the result of past dreams. Man wanted to free himself from the burden of work, he dreamed of a world where everything would be simpler, sanitized, where he would not have to make any effort, where he would be safe from hunger… A robotic, cold, virtual, soulless, enclosed and confining world is appearing, but it is the result of the wishes of a multitude of beings who dreamed this world

Remember: ” God looks at the world and sees that everything is good.” To go towards wisdom is to have a certain courage of neutrality, of impersonality, not to link yourself unconsciously with what will make you sink, make you lose your strength, your energy, your creative power, your true identity, your soul. It is rather to put you in movement to become yourself the light, the world that you want to see appear and transmit to future generations

If what happens in the world upsets you, understand that it is the result of a past, of a multitude of forces at work that you do not control. To act in the visible against these forces and influences is already too late, because everything is already inscribed in the invisible. It is the same process for an illness: you must anticipate, act on the origin, the thought, the emotion, the inner imbalance that has been created, because when it appears, even if there is a remedy, the damage is done.

Behind what appears today in the visible world, there is a devious world that wants to take over man, to cut him off from his soul, to use him for its own purposes because he is an instrument of high precision, a perfection capable of validating, of giving life, of making appear, of creating..

This world leads all forms of life on earth to nothingness and destruction. But if this world exists, it has been created in thoughts, in the invisible, it has been wished consciously or unconsciously and validated by a mass of human beings important enough to take a body today.

Archangel Michael teaches you:

“Be patient, do not cultivate hasty judgments about the constitution of worlds

Step back from some of the concepts that have been put into you and take a high view to look with another eye. I tell you that the world is perfect; it is not unjust, nor negative, nor judgmental, nor even less condemnable

Everything that appears today in your world is the will of men, of Angels or of the superior worlds

In the world, nothing has appeared from nothing. Thus, behind every manifestation, event, situation, there is the desire, the will, the intelligence of certain worlds

What lives today is the result of thoughts and desires that were generated tens, hundreds, thousands of years ago. It is easy to say that this is good or bad because man has changed with time and no longer sees the world in the same way, but understand that you are living in the aspirations, the dreams of your parents and therefore of your lineage. If it is the dreams of your lineage that animate you, they are also yours, because you are the present of the past and the future.

Essene Bible, Michael, 251: 5-10

You have to be able to step back and contemplate this picture, to see that if you are not in agreement with this world, you must radically extract yourself from it and set yourself in motion to build another in harmony with your deepest aspirations

This is what the Essenes do by walking towards their soul, by putting on the earth writings in alliance with the superior worlds. This is accomplished through the existence of Essene Villages, but also through awakened and committed men and women who gather all over the world in places where they study and practice sacred rituals, and bring to life the scriptures of the Light. This is accomplished through the celebration of the Universal Archangelic Round throughout the year, which gives a body, a concrete reality to a divine higher world and maintains a link of Light on earth. This is accomplished through the dissemination of Essene teachings, sacred texts, songs, dances, through the engagement of men and women in initiatory training on consecrated lands… All this brings forth a field of life, a Light, a healing force for all people on earth and all kingdoms of Creation.

Giving value to beings and things

The only just and noble, beneficial, healing act for an Essene is not to reject and condemn this world while wishing to regain an illusory freedom. The Essene observes and makes a clear and conscious choice to dissociate himself from this world, not only physically, but also through his heart, his feelings, his thoughts. He focuses on creating another future, he opens a door, another path, another way of living, of looking at the world and of acting.

An Essene will give value to what is divine. He will bless, glorify and honor the divinity in the stone, the animal, the tree, the river, the mountain, but also the clear thought, the word of wisdom, the noble act… He will not reject the world but will create a powerful field of energy to balance, ennoble and give value to beings and things.

What you do to the smallest, will be done to you

The one who awakens must have the courage to realize that man, driven by forces of destruction, has consciously or unconsciously led plants, minerals and animals into slavery. He thought he was the master and king of the world, but did not understand that by acting in this way in a lowly, ignominious and disrespectful way, he was indebting himself, offending God, cutting himself off from the whole, from the global harmony, and was himself already a slave to dark intelligences. These worlds today are dropping their masks and appearing in broad daylight. Man is in turn led into slavery, for such is the divine law: what you do to the least of these, you shall do to yourself.

To take offense at being deprived of freedom and being subjected to forces that want to take away the humanity of the human being, to artificial intelligence, to governmental dictatorships, is not to observe the world in wisdom, not to understand how it works, not to know the Law that is true in all worlds

The path to freedom is through awakening, discernment, inner transformation and the decision to live for another world, rolling up our sleeves, building another future.

The Essene Nation, a bridge to freedom

Only the higher worlds can enlighten and guide man on the noble path. The Essene Nation is an answer offered, an open path, a sacred organ, a light on which an awakened being must focus and act if he wants to see another world bloom..

If you want to know the mission of this free nation, let these words of the Divinity of Fire, the great Archangel Michael, resonate within you: The Essene Nation has and will have as its vocation the balancing of worlds, the safeguarding of a living memory, and the counterbalancing of a power that wants humanity to forget its soul, its heart-feeling, its living thought, its free individuality and its capacity to choose its life and its destiny

The Essene Nation will preserve a consciousness, an education, a discernment, a certain vision and a way of life that will bring forth another choice and another way of being in the world. This is fundamental

In some time, man will lose his freedom and will be in an illusion of freedom. There is a big difference between being free and believing that one is free. Man will be educated even before he is born and he will not be able to think outside the established system. He will not even know that it is possible and will not be able to conceive it, it will escape him. He will not be able to dream outside the official dream that will be imposed on him. But above all, he will feel dependent on a system in which free individuality will practically no longer exist. He will be invaded by electronics, with false organs, accompanied by a whole world which will make sure to increase the body to make it more productive for the system. This world will make sure to keep it alive as long as possible so that it is profitable and its market value is not lost

The Essene Nation will remain until the end of this story, of this adventure that will last for many years, to accompany humanity, like a guardian angel, because God must always bring his part, his presence, his way in the world, even when the darkness is deepest.

Grow the work of the Essene Nation throughout the earth, make it prosperous, alive and powerful in love and education, knowing that it does not belong to you, that it does not belong to any man, to any human institution, for it is the will of God and his body on earth.

Essene Bible, Michael, 263: 26, 28-31

It is up to you to think, to dream, to be and to build the world of tomorrow. Everything that is inscribed in the ethers of the earth and of human consciousness today will take on a body tomorrow. Future generations will live in the dreams, the values, the ideas, the prayers and the concrete achievements of those who carry them and put them into shape today. You will live in the world on which you will have concentrated your thoughts, your feelings, your looks, your attention, your words, your commitments and your actions.

“There is in every man a Light like the sun. If it is asleep, everything becomes dark, cold and sad. If it lights up and shines, everything becomes beautiful, exciting, cheerful, sublime, grandiose*

*Olivier Manitara The Master’s Garden

Turn on your inner light and while observing life with discernment, turn your gaze to the great, the beautiful, the noble, the divine, the sacred… This will grow in all worlds and the earth will bring forth the fruits that future generations, that is to say yourself and your ancestors, will be able to harvest.

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